Coralie Laudelout

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Photo credit @Goedele De Wilde

Coralie Laudelout first graduated in 2015 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (KASK), gaining her masters in illustration and graphic design. She worked as an illustrator for various clients such as the museum Dr. Guislain, Vice US and Cultuur Ghent. In 2022 she obtained her second masters degree in painting at the school of Arts (LUCA) in Ghent.

The roots of her practice lie in storytelling. These stories find their origin in her personal life but also popular culture, art history, books, something she overheard in the grocery line or a dead pigeon tossed on the side. Different elements are harvested from this library of peculiar findings to express a story she wants to tell. During the painting process, the goal for the painting is to become its own language. Boldly gestured or like a silent mousetrap. It does not need to explain itself: the ambiguity prevails.