Photo credit @Goedele De Wilde

Coralie Laudelout (b. 1989) first graduated in 2015 at KASK, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, gaining her masters in Illustration and Graphic Design. She then worked on visual stories for various clients. A few years later, in 2022, she obtained her second master’s degree at LUCA school of Arts in Painting.

In her work she mixes all kinds of found impressions that she takes in like a sponge throughout her daily life. She interweaves these elements with a light surrealism. This is not to escape to another world, but to express the experienced feeling and idea as deeply and honestly as possible. To this end, she uses humor, often accompanied by a scary atmosphere, in her work. The smallest, seemingly trivial, moments can encompass great meaning but the image remains ambiguous. Each story remains open-ended so that it lives on beyond the confines of the image and in the imagination of the viewer.

Her art practice began with the cartoon where a series of images combine to form a whole. These small images get bigger and bigger as she evolves in her process. But the story remains important. Art is like a language, it always has something to tell you: boldly gestured or as a silent mousetrap.

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